The Cleveland Tri-State Charity Horse Show is located at the Tri-State Exhibition Center, 200 Natures Trail, McDonald, TN.

In 1990 Bradley County purchased the property for the speicific use for a regional agriculture learning and exhibition center.  By 1999, the Tri-State Exhibition Center was established as a nonprofit.


Today, Tri-State Exhibition Center boasts 92 acres, 3 arenas, 4 barns, 50+ Rv Hookups, an Event Hall, a Hospitality Room, a Concession Stand, a Show Office, Fairgrounds, a Main Office, plus Restroom and Shower Facilities.  Therapeutic Riding Center is also on the grounds as a non-profit center.  The Facilities are in operation year-round and a hub of activity.  We are pleased to see it's grouth and looking forward to the future with further expansion and updates to our facilities.


‚ÄčOur Mission:


To establish and operate a regional multi-purpose center to host events with an emphasis on but not exclusive to agriculturally related events.


To establish a state-of-the-art educational facility to further the advancement of the agriculture industry and to enhance career guidance, exploration and preparation for students who are closely integrated with the overall school-to-career structure currently being developed in the State of Tennessee.  To assist the regional service area to develop programs and activities promoting community leadership development with various age groups and in cooperation with other organizations.



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